Honoré de Balzac: 'Behind every fortune, there is a crime'

Honoré de Balzac wrote that 'behind every fortune, there is a crime'. Do you agree with this statement?

1) Do you agree with this statement? Is it possible to accumulate billions upon billions of dollars by being honest?

Think of the Koches, the Bushes, the Saudi royal family, the British royal family. Corporations like Goldman Sachs or Bank of America. Political leaders like Vladimir Putin or Donald Trump. What do you think?

To believe that most businesses do not participate in some kind of "crime" is naïve. Financial, Environmental, Consumer crimes, just to name a few. Business rules and laws are in constant fluctuation - some laws protect consumers, negatively affecting business. But most times, laws and rules are being created and amended to increase a businesses financial gain. Many times these pro-business rules/laws are forced upon the people by lobby groups or other private interest groups - leaving the consumers "cheated".