Have we put the thuggish version of "Chance," in the White House Oval Office?

Everyday with Trump and his mob adds to the endangerment of the United States.

In 1979, Peter Sellers played the part of Chance, the gardener in the movie, "Being There." Through a series of misunderstandings, he rises into a position of being a consultant to the president.

Chance can't read or write. He understands how to grow things and his spare time is spent watching television, seemingly the only activity that he really enjoys.

Now, imagine the thuggish, grandiose version of this character. Imagine that due to the foolish comments being made by this thug that are interpreted wrongly, as "tough," or "heroic," or "genuine, " enough people are tricked into backing him.

Imagine that this person is elected by this minority of people to the office of president, which gives power to a person who functions at a very low level. Then he becomes enthralled with that power and uses it to please himself, with no thought of the consequences. It would be like making a spoiled brat child the person who controls the lives of all of the people. He will miss no opportunity to enrich and please himself and will have no awareness whatsoever of the devastation that is and will be ensuing.

Now, that this huge mistake has been made, the system does not really provide a quick remedy. There are enough people who cannot see what has happened and who continue to assign virtue and wisdom and heroism, to this brat. Even as people's future becomes increasingly in peril and potential disasters are put in motion everyday that he is in office, there is a kind of paralysis that prevents the necessary actions from being taken.

Our smartest people are trying to speak out, pointing out the dangers, but enough corrupt and politically selfish people are in charge and they are rolling the dice that we can get through this.

We have "Chance," in the White House, taking a real chance that somehow we can get through this. Our president doesn't effectively read or write. The only "reality" that he pays attention to, is what he sees on T V. The only T V that he accepts, comes from the most putrid perpetrators of propaganda that this nation has ever seen, Fox, Breitbart, and White Nationalist promoters.

Our president is a thuggish promoter. He operates like a mob boss, but also one with a very low intellect and the functional development of a three year old. This may actually be an insult to three year olds)

The danger that the president presents, requires immediate action. Everyday that he is allowed to be in the White House, is expanding the potential for consequences. He has already, without support, allowed the top spy of North Korea, and Putin, in the Oval Office and given out classified information. He operates in secret and only allows family and other sociopathic people into his circle.

We must now call for impeachment, nullification of the election or suspension of his powers, or all of the above and if we don't, we are placing ourselves in greater peril with each passing day.

(Heckler in the Real Grassroots (UNPAID) Crowd)


Yossarian Johnson
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Yossarian Johnson
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