Follow the Money

The insidious transforming of America into a third world nation.

Follow the Money:

The Republicans gave a tax break to the wealthy. Will that boost the economy? No. They have caused the most wealthy to vacuum up huge amounts of money. What will they do with the money? One, Adelson, who runs casinos, has made an additional 650 million dollars. What has he done with his money? Well, 30 million immediately goes back to the Republican Party. Then keeping Republicans in power, allows them to solidify their power.

Another way they are solidifying their power is by rushing to get in dozens of federal judges, who are very young. They slowed the process so that Obama could not fill judgeships. Now, they are rushing to get them in, while there are not enough Democrats to stop them. Why do they want these judges? To make the rules and laws which will benefit them so that the gravy train will keep running.

Corporations and billionaires are writing the laws already. If you want that to change, you need to vote in all Democrats. Are all Democrats in agreement about everything? No, of course not. If we don't form coalitions, we will lose the chance to stop the slide into a third world nation, which the Republicans are heading into, at break neck speed.

It is time to stop saying both parties are alike. They have perhaps never been more different and if we don't stop the Republicans soon, we will be a one party nation, which means a dictatorship where what the people think and want no longer matters. If you are not now a Democrat, become one. If the Democratic army doesn't stop the slide into a society of Royalty and Peasants, we all will lose what has been near and dear to us.

(Heckler in the Real Grassroots (UNPAID) Crowd)