Collusion: Secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy in order to deceive others.

“Collusion is an agreement between two or more parties, sometimes illegal–but always secretive–to limit open competition by deceiving, misleading, or defrauding others of their legal rights, or to obtain an objective forbidden by law typically by defrauding or gaining an unfair market advantage.

During the election of 2016, it was determined by the unanimous conclusion of the intelligence community of the United States Government, that Russia interfered in our election with the intentions of working to help businessman Donald Trump by undermining the campaign of former Sec of State, Hillary Clinton.

An investigation has been undertaken by former FBI director Robert Mueller and a team of the top investigators and prosecutors in the country to determine if there was collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government to get their favored candidate elected.

During the course of the investigation, at this point, July 28, 2018, 30 Russian individuals have been indicted, and 5 Americans have pleaded guilty along with one more American indicted.

In June of 2016 Donald Trump Jr, Jarod Kushner; Trump’s son-in-law, and campaign chairman Paul Manafort who is now in jail awaiting trial for money laundering met with a group of Russians’ claiming to have “dirt” on Sec Clinton that would prove damaging to her campaign. Such a meeting would be evidence of collusion on the part of the Trump campaign which they deny took place.

So, meeting with the Russians to discuss the campaign and how to damage the Clinton campaign would amount to collusion between the Trump team and a foreign adversary, the Russians. However, the attack by the Russians on our democracy did not end with the election of 2016. According to our CIA, the Russian cyber attack continues and Senator Clair McCaskill is the latest target. The cyber war on the United States is ongoing. The investigation continues to this day. So anybody that is meeting with the Russians and having discussions regarding our elections is in collusion with the Russians to undermine the US democracy. The fact that Trump is now the President doesn’t change that. In fact, it magnifies it.

On July 16th of 2018, with the Mueller investigation in full swing, and still in the process of determining the extent of the Russian involvement in our election and the possible connection to the Trump campaign, President Trump meets with Russian President Putin in a 2 ½ hour private meeting with no note takers and no aides in the room. There are no witnesses to what is said, and what is promised. No notes are taken by the President. Notes however are taken by Putin. It is also widely believed that the Russians recorded the meeting while it was taking place. There is no way for the American public or officials to know what was agreed to by Trump.

If the definition of Collusion is as described above, then how can anybody deny that the President was colluding with Putin in plain view for the entire world to see? When Trump cries, “No Collusion” over and over, the public and the media continues to look everywhere other then what takes place in front of their very eyes, and fails to take into account the fact that the one-on-one meeting in private between the US President and the President of Russia – the very country that has been determined to have hacked our election and a US President who is being investigated for…IS collusion. What’s astonishing is that the US Congress never objected to the meeting with the country that hacked our election through a cyber warfare attack undermining the US democracy, and claimed that it was a “good thing” to talk to our adversary’s. So Trump and Putin talk, and we have no idea what was agreed to. And this passes for diplomacy?


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