Are GOP leaders ignorant, stupid, incompetent, devious, or .....

Alert: There may be some sarcasm content.

Trump, Nunes, Ryan, Page, Flynn, Papadopolous, Manafort, are all criminals who have conducted shady business with the Russians and oddly enough, they all end up on Trump's campaign and then his transition team and cabinet, and Rex Tillerson, the CEO of Exxon, who made a deal with Russia to harvest oil from the arctic, ends up as Secretary of State.

Then Trump picks all unqualified people to take positions to allow them all to do their worst. But I am sure it is all very innocent. Even the tax bill, which is giving away billions to the corporations and the already massively wealthy, was just an accident and they didn't expect this growing debt problem because of it.

It was just all a result of absent-mindedness, I am sure. Couldn't be anything else. Rich people wouldn't behave like that. They don't really like being wealthy and powerful.

Or could it be that criminals will often lie, cheat, deceive and steal, somehow seeing that as an advantage?

(Heckler in the Real Grassroots (UNPAID) Crowd)