Although Bernie Sanders is fiscally progressive as well as liberal on other major social issues, I doubt he’ll be allowed to succeed in winning the Democratic primaries. After all, the 2016 Democratic National Convention primaries saw DNC decision-makers allow some Bernie Sanders wins, including those of every West Virginia county, to be given to the trailing yet establishment-forwarded neo-liberalist Hillary Clinton, known for not rubbing against any big business grains. Being a progressive candidate essentially confined to non-fiscally-related social issues won’t cut it for otherwise liberal-minded voters who aren’t financially well-to-do or comfortably middle-class Democrats. To me, it's arrogant to expect poor citizens to vote (and definitely not waiting in long bad-weather lineups to do so) for an establishment Democrat candidate with thinly veiled ties to corporate interests and who’s not going to adequately improve the poor person’s lot in life—simply to vote-out an undesirable incumbent president. (Frank Sterle Jr.)


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