A Weakness in Governance Which Must Be Addressed

How do we manage when we have incompetent leaders?

We have a real problem with leadership in the United States of America now. It is now possible, for elections to be rigged, for leaders to make rules which benefit a minority of very wealthy people and for education and other beneficial public programs to be underfunded, for debts to mount up without anything being done, for the environment to be polluted with nothing being done about that and climate change progression threatening the planet with no policies being considered to abate it.

Many states are experiencing a serious decline in education, job opportunities, health care access, etc. and the leaders are unconcerned. They are focusing on how to enrich themselves and how to appease their base, whether that be evangelicals, gun rights advocates, alt-right racists and abortion foes. In the meantime, little is done to improve employment opportunities, educate people for the future, improve the infrastructure, find cures for diseases and creating policies to assure that everyone will have access to health care.

While doing nothing about these major issues, we get tax cuts that really only benefit the disgustingly wealthy. The rest of us will observe all kinds of compensating measures to deal with the consequences of the tax cuts.

Now, we also have an incompetent president, who is like a child, who seriously needs supervision. He is not getting it, because one party is content to get their agenda accomplished, no matter the cost to the rest of us. Paul Ryan is quitting, saying it is to allow him to spend more time with his children. The truth is, he got his tax cut and knows he has no chance to be reelected, so he is going to take a corporate job, benefit from his tax cut, and feel quite pleased with himself.

The incompetent president is tweeting up a war with Russia, Syria and Iran, all by himself, with no consultation with the experts. We could be in a nuclear war with Russia and our system, as it is currently designed, cannot prevent it.

We need a new system and soon. The people need a way to hold our elected leaders to a reasonable standard. We need to figure out how to get back to majority rule, rather than rule by the richest and most well connected. We need an immediate method of firing incompetent leaders. We need to get the money out of politics and all of this needs to happen very quickly, before we are steeped in a major tragedy from which we may never recover.

(Heckler in the Real Grassroots (UNPAID) Crowd)