6 Great Ways To Spend Time With Your Teen During Quarantine

Craig Middleton

Here are six ideas to give your teen some positive attention and create warm memories together.

Looking for ways to spend quality time with your teenager during quarantine? It may be easier than you think to find fun activities that you’ll both enjoy. Here are six ideas to give your teen some positive attention and create warm memories together.

1. Make Delicious Food

Who doesn’t love food? Especially a hungry, growing teenager. A virtual cooking class might be a great bonding experience for you and your teen. As an added bonus, they’ll be learning valuable life skills. You’ll both feel a great sense of satisfaction as you master a new skill together! Or you can take it more low-key and look up a fun recipe to try online. Either way, cooking is one of the funnest activities you and your teen can do together.

2. Volunteer

If you’re looking for a way to give back with your teen, why not volunteer? There are plenty of rewarding volunteer opportunities for teens and parents alike. You could volunteer at your local food bank. Volunteering doesn’t have to be complex – you could even go around your own neighborhood and ask if your neighbors could use some help with any household tasks. This is especially important if you have a lot of elderly neighbors. You could offer to bring groceries to your elderly neighbors who are staying indoors and avoiding the grocery store during this time. Whatever you and your teen choose, Instilling a giving spirit in your teen will set them on a positive course in life.

3. Learn Something New

Teenagers spend most of each day learning at school. School subjects don’t take into account the varied passions and interests your teen possesses, though. Take time to discover some of your teen’s interests. Try to find local hobby shops, community centers or arts organizations that can offer you and your teen the chance to learn something new together. You could take an online painting class together, or even learn a new language.

4. Explore the Outdoors

Who can argue with spending some quality time in the great outdoors, especially when we all feel so cooped up? Try to incorporate some outdoor activity into your bonding time with your teen. Lace up your hiking boots and take an afternoon to explore a new trail. Have a bonfire and invite your whole family to enjoy the beauty and warmth of the crackling fire. Everyone has a natural need to spend time out in nature, so get up off the couch, invite your teen and enjoy some fresh air and the splendors of nature.

5. Get Fit

Looking for a highly productive way to spend time with your teen? What’s better than spending quality time together getting fit. Head to your local gym and sign up for a family fitness class or create your own workout routine that matches your fitness levels and goals. Make it a challenge by pushing each other to work as hard as possible. If you want to keep it simple, establish a habit of taking a nightly walk around the neighborhood together. Any time spent improving your health is time well spent!

6. Connect With Family

Your teen is growing up fast – it will feel like just a blink of an eye before your teen is all grown up. Your teen will soon become an adult and will leave the nest, making this time very important for maintaining family connections. Take full advantage of your child’s teenage years and spend time with the ones you love.

Spend quality time with your teenager during these important formative years. By following these tips, you’ll discover fun and productive ways to help your teenager get the most out of life!


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