“You Sound Completely Barking Mad”: Piers Morgan Humiliates Giuliani On TV In UK

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Piers Morgan’s interview with Rudy Giuliani on “Good Morning Britain” devolved into an intense argument.

On ITV’s “Good Morning Britain,” Piers Morgan’s interview with President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, turned into a heated argument where they clashed over their diverging views regarding the president, reported CNN Business.

Generally, “both men have been strong supporters” of the president, but their opinions began to part ways when discussing the recent protests in the U.S. against police brutality.

  • Morgan pushed Giuliani to explain why Trump tweeted “when the looting starts, the shooting starts,” agitating Giuliani, who replied that “it isn’t inflammatory, it’s accurate.”

  • Morgan told Giuliani that he “[sounded] completely barking mad” and that he “lost the plot,” angering Giuliani further.

Giuliani then strayed from the original topic and turned the conversation to personal attacks against Morgan.

  • Giuliani attacked Morgan by “saying he ‘really’ knows why Morgan's former CNN show was cancelled with a phrase that sounded like either ‘f---ed up’ or ‘sucked up.’”

  • Giuliani denied that he used profanity when Morgan called him out on it, and said that “everyone in America knows [Morgan is] a failed journalist.”

  • Morgan, trying to end the interview, replied: “You've come on here, you've been rude and abusive. You sound unhinged. You've been using profanity and you were somebody I used to admire.”

It became clear that nothing else productive was going to come from the interview, so it was quickly ended.


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Written by Megan Everts.


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