Yale Alumnus With Tips About Kavanaugh’s Fraternity Said FBI Gave Him Runaround

Screengrab/ABC News/YouTube

Tad Low said he had trouble reaching someone at the FBI to report a tip related to Brett Kavanaugh's Yale fraternity.

Yale University alumnus Tad Low told The New York Daily News he received the runaround when trying to report a tip to the FBI regarding Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's fraternity on Saturday.

Low said his experience was an “embarrassment” to the federal law enforcement agency.

> A media entrepreneur now living in New York, Low said he doesn’t know Kavanaugh or any of his accusers personally, but he witnessed something at the nominee’s fraternity house back in the 1980s that was so disturbing, he proactively called the feds over the weekend.


> “I can’t tell you what I saw, but I’ve been on this planet for quite some time, and what I saw was seared into my brain,” Low, 52, said during a phone interview Monday.


> “It was shocking,” he said.


> Low said he’s not even sure if Kavanaugh attended that Delta Kappa Epsilon party held during the 1987-1988 academic year, but Kavanaugh was a member of DKE before receiving his undergraduate degree in 1987, and he was still involved in campus life at the time, attending Yale Law.

But Low still believes the FBI should look into the issue:

> “If indeed Kavanaugh was present at the event, the FBI should investigate,” Low told The News on Monday. “We know (Kavanaugh) liked to keep calendars. How hard would it be to subpoena the calendar and interview a person I know was inside the party?”

Low told the Daily News he didn’t want to lay out the details of what he saw that night, as he peeked through the window of the DKE house, because he doesn’t want to color other people’s memories with his own account.

He would only say it was horrible enough that he went the extra mile to proactively call the FBI and invite the scrutiny – and possible penalties – of an FBI interview into his life.

After waiting on hold and being transferred around, Low said he finally spoke with a “low-level” employee who took his information but asked no follow-up questions. Hours later he still had not received a return phone call, so Low tried a different FBI office but was told agents were not in over the weekend.

He called again on Monday, the Daily News said, but is still awaiting a response.

> “They at least acknowledged they had a record of my call and said it has been ‘submitted out’ accordingly. I don’t know, maybe they threw it in trash,” he told The News. “They won’t even send me an email confirming I submitted my claim. They said if I’d like to add additional information, I could wait on hold for another 30 minutes.”



> “If it’s true the White House and (Senate Judiciary) Committee are truly serious about learning all they can, why not at least set up a special Kavanaugh hotline or dedicate some agents? If it’s just one week, can we get some manpower?” he asked.

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