Wyoming Sec. Of State Accused Of Sexual Assaulting Legal Intern

State of Wyoming / Public Domain

Tatiana Maxwell told her story in a Facebook post Monday, alleging an assault that took place 32 years ago.

Wyoming Secretary of State Ed Murray is now facing accusations of sexual assault as a woman has come forward with allegations after 35 years.

In a Facebook post on Monday, Tatiana Maxwell detailed an incident that occurred in 1982 while she was working with Murray at a Cheyenne law firm.

According to Maxwell, Murray invited her to meet him at the office after working hours and said she sat with him in the reception area of the law office. She recalled there being Domino’s pizza and beer.

Maxwell's Facebook post indicates the meeting turned to Murray's confession that he was attracted to her and a botched attempt to unbutton her pants ensued.

What did happen is that Ed wrestled me down to the carpet in front of the receptionist desk, opened his pants, lifted up my blouse and ejaculated on my stomach.

Many women who come forward after years or decades of staying silent are often asked why they waited so long to come forward. Maxwell said she was not sure what the proper next steps would be, thinking the police were not an option because she was not hurt during the ordeal. She was also worried about losing her job. She also pointed to the humiliation in having an experience like hers.

You know, part of the problem is that it feels distasteful to talk about it. This is not polite talk and, somehow, embarrassing. But the reason why it isn’t polite talk isn’t because it shouldn’t be talked about. It’s because it isn’t decent behavior. And the person who should be embarrassed isn’t the person who talks about it, it’s the person who did it.

For his part, Murray has denied the allegations.

“I struggle to understand what would motivate someone to make this kind of accusation,” Murray said in the statement. “But considering that this statement was made in the context of the #metoo movement, I want to take this moment to acknowledge the overall importance of this conversation, as well as to reaffirm my commitment to being an ally for women.”

Maxwell was inspired by her daughters to tell her story, saying it was not about politics but about "right and wrong".

One of the hallmarks of so many of the harassment allegations against the men who harass is that it is rarely a single incident. I have certainly heard other rumors regarding Eddie. If there are other women who have stories, I hope this helps them feel less alone.

Enough is enough.