WSJ: Ukraine’s Indicted Tax Chief Was At Trump’s Inauguration With Lev Parnas


Ukraine's corrupt tax chief gave Parnas a $10 million loan for a real-estate project and was at Trump's inauguration.

As Lev Parnas searched for investors for a real-estate project, he came into contact with Roman Nasirov, Ukraine’s “notoriously corrupt” tax chief, who Parnas took to Donald Trump’s Florida Mar-a-Lago resort, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Nasirov later helped fund a $10 million loan Parnas arranged for a project.

The project that he invested in ended in a lawsuit, in which Parnas alleged the developer cut him out of a subsequent deal and that he was owed $250,000 for expenses in January 2017 alone.

Nasirov was pictured at Trump’s inauguration and whether he used state funds to travel there briefly set off a minor scandal in Ukraine.

While President Donald Trump has fiercely defended his claim that he did not know Lev Parnas, the House Intelligence Committee made a swath of documents public, including selfies and videos of the two together.

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