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In a ploy to get back support from seniors, President Donald Trump and his campaign have ordered red, Trump-branded face masks for his upcoming rallies. The Wall Street Journal reports on the new must-have Trump apparel, which is possibly taking the place of the red ‘Make America Great Again’ hats.

Trump’s support from seniors has waned during the coronavirus outbreak, and many sources believe that stems from the president’s nightly briefings. In them, he attacks opponents, praises his administration, and bickers with supporters. Along with the face masks, Trump has announced that May is "Older Americans Month".

“They don’t have little kids running around or teenagers to keep an eye on. They are sitting at home,” [Joel Benenson, a top pollster for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign] said. “They know, if they’ve been watching the news, they’re a vulnerable population. Those factors contribute here, and you can’t find a human being on earth…thinking that his briefings are helping him.”

A recent movement among the elderly is leading seniors in battleground states to support former Vice President Joe Biden in lieu of the current president. Trump is trailing Biden by ten percentage points in Florida and 6 percentage points in Pennsylvania.

The masks will be given away at rallies or be sent out to donors who continue to support Trump.

Tim Andrews is the president of the trade group Advertising Specialty Institute. He told The Intelligencer that it was only a matter of time until face masks become “important promotional items for political groups and campaigns.”

Trump thinks branded face masks will make up for thousands of dead Americans. Let’s hope the elderly population disagrees.

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