WSJ: Kushner Failed To Disclose More Than $1 Billion Of Debt On His Security Clearance Form

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President Donald Trump’s lead strategist and son-in-law failed to disclose more than 70 business assets on his security clearance form. He also omitted an assortment of debt totaling at least $1 billion, $300 million or more of which he is personally guaranteeing.

President Donald Trump’s lead strategist and son-in-law failed to disclose more than 70 business assets on his security clearance form. He also omitted an assortment of debt totaling at least $1 billion, $300 million or more of which he is personally guaranteeing according to the Wall Street Journal.

According to the disclosure, 77 assets were “inadvertently omitted” from Mr. Kushner’s earlier form and were added during what the form’s footnotes describe as the “ordinary review” process with the government ethics office. The updated form also provides additional information about 77 other assets, offering more detail about the structure of Mr. Kushner’s real estate assets. Mr. Kushner’s initial disclosure, released in March, hadn’t then been certified by the Office of Government Ethics.”

Mr. Kushner also failed to disclose, “loans totaling at least $1 billion, from more than 20 lenders to properties and companies he partly owned. He also has provided personal guarantees on more than $300 million of the debt,” according to an analysis provided by the Wall Street Journal.

In addition to his assets and liabilities, Mr. Kushner omitted more than 100 contacts with foreign parties prior to officially joining the White House. Mr. Kushner blamed his assistant for “inadvertently” submitting the security clearance application prior to its completion according to Yahoo News.

The disclosure of the [Donald Trump, jr.] emails potentially has raised new questions about Kushner’s security clearance. He initially filed his SF-86 on Jan. 18, leaving out any mention of meetings with foreign government officials during the transition and the campaign. His lawyers have said this was inadvertent and that a member of his staff had prematurely hit the “send” button for the firm before it was completed. Within twelve hours, they have said, Kushner notified the FBI that he would make amendments and disclose his meetings with foreign officials.”

Mr. Kushner only corrected his security clearance form after reports were made public that he had contact with former Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak.

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It will do our country good to see this corrupted elitist go down. This and other things he has been playing around with while pretending to be providing a Security Clearance, are just play things that Mueller will improve upon in great detail. He and his wife both should be held accountable and then they will quickly flip on the President. These people are as stupid and arrogant as they are crooked and that is why they will get caught. That was the only reason Nixon got caught. If he was not of that ilk, he could have walked away from that and remained President.


You guys are all acting like he owes a billion to the mob or something. The debt is in companies and in properties. This is called leveraging money. Most likely the vast majority is secured by the assets the loans are for, or as in most businesses, available for cash flow in order to grow the businesses. People write articles with sensationalist headlines because they know the most people don't know how money actually works. There are all sorts of legal reasons why he didn't feel it was required to mention debts of companies that he might not even have a majority stake in. They'll figure it out I'm sure.