Work From Home Will Transition Into Work From Anywhere


The Work From Anywhere policy will be an investment into employee well-being and productivity.

The work from home environment hasn’t been ideal for some employees. Kids are home from school, Wi-Fi issues have been prevalent, and there’s overall more to do at your house. Many are protesting the transition to work from home even as Silicon Valley giants announce permanent changes.

Work from home policies is misinterpreted, according to Tech Crunch. The transition is intended to empower employees to work from wherever they are most comfortable and efficient. Given the current circumstances, it’s understandable that the last thing most of us want to do is spend another living second confined to our homes, but down the road it might not look so bad.

Employers are not monitoring employee location, work from home could be anywhere. If a $4 coffee and a café atmosphere is your productivity bubble, then that’s where you could work. This opens a whole new world for employees. You could be creating your spreadsheets on the Amalfi coast.

Many employees will choose to work from home, while some will choose to return to the office and get back to their normal routine. Work from anywhere gives us the necessary freedom to balance the different aspects of our lives in whatever atmosphere works best.

How will companies encourage the work from anywhere movement? Subsidies for equipment, internet access, and other necessities are options, but where do they draw the line. Are typical office items like coffee or snacks necessary?

Businesses will be analyzing the cost benefits associated with transitioning to a work from anywhere policy. However, the savings should not be the most important aspect of this transition.

Work from anywhere is about realizing that it is an investment in an employee’s well-being and productivity that could lead to increases in profitability.

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