Woman Says She Was Sexually Assaulted At Home Of Kavanaugh Character Witness

Casey Mooney said she was sexually assaulted during a party hosted by one of Brett Kavanaugh's defenders in the mid 80s.

A woman has come forward to say that she was sexually assaulted during a party hosted by one of the men testifying to the character of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, who himself is accused of sexual assault during his high school years.

From The Daily Dot:

> “I was sexually assaulted in the mid-80’s at the home of one of Kavanaugh’s schoolmates,” a woman who goes by Casey Mooney wrote on Twitter on Thursday. “The host of that party added his name to this letter to the Judiciary Committee attesting to Kavanaugh’s character.”

Since Christine Blasey Ford went public with her allegation of sexual assault against Kavanaugh, which she said occurred during a party in the 1980s when she was 15 and he was 17, some of Kavanaugh’s defenders have defaulted to the “boys will be boys” attitude.

Others have said if the allegation is true, it should disqualify Kavanaugh from taking a seat on the country’s highest court.

> Adding to that chorus of voices is Mooney, who addresses some of the common criticisms and defenses that have been levied by conservative politicians and right-wing media throughout the week. To the people who say that Ford should have come forward sooner, Mooney wrote, “‘Date rape’ was barely entering the lexicon. We thought rape and assault were things that happened in parking garages or dark alleys. We didn’t know how to quantify these actions by men in our own peer groups.”


> To those who use Kavanaugh’s age at the time of the alleged assault as a defense, Mooney wrote, “Can you grow out of being rapey? I hope so. I’d like to believe in redemption. But I do think a rapey past should disqualify you from a seat on the Supreme Court.”


> Throughout the thread, Mooney tagged 21 senators and directed her last tweet at them: “Are you sure that rape is the hill you want to die on?”

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