Woman Refusing To Wear Mask Claims To Be Doctor: ‘Do You Understand Science?’

Screengrab / @davennewworld_2 / Twitter


Woman refusing to wear a mask claims to be a doctor.

According to RawStory, a woman “who claimed to be a doctor was chastised for not wearing a mask at a Costco store.”

  • A video of the incident was shared on Twitter on Tuesday. In the video, a man “encourages the woman to put on her mask, which she is holding in her hand. The woman’s elderly mother also appears mask-free in the video.”

“Call the police,” the woman says in a mocking tone. “I’ll [put the mask on] when I’m ready...Do you understand science?” she asked the person filming her.

  • The cameraman remarked, “Science? Maybe better than you do. Apparently, I’m the one protecting other people by wearing a mask.” The woman replied, “I’m a doctor...And we know what to do.”

When the man asked her to show her “credentials,” she responded by flashing her middle finger.

Watch the video here.

Read the report here.

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Maybe she could get a little fine for being an imposter. I don't think it's legal to present yourself as a medical professional when you aren't.
Wear the damn mask, you knew their policy before you went there. Geez.

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