Woman Intentionally Coughs On Baby After Hearing Mother Speak Spanish

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A white woman in her 60s intentionally coughed on a 1-year-old child after the child's mother began speaking Spanish.

Police in San Jose, California, are looking for a white woman who purposely coughed multiple times on a 1-year-old child during a dispute with the child’s mother, according to The Washington Post.

  • The incident occurred earlier this month when Mireya Mora was with her 1-year-old son and grandmother in a frozen yogurt store.

  • The police “said the heated exchange was triggered after the woman became upset with Mora, who was behind her in line at Yogurtland, for not properly social distancing.”

  • Despite surveillance footage and witness evidence that Mora was following the guidelines, the as-yet unidentified woman — who was described as white and in her 60s — insisted Mora was not observing the rules.

  • Mora, who is Hispanic, said the woman’s assault did not occur until she spoke Spanish to her grandmother.
    “I believe it’s racism because the woman in front of me, she did not start harassing me and my family until I started speaking Spanish to my grandmother,” Mora said. “She was super close to the people in front of her, they were also white, she did not tell them anything. She didn’t have a problem with it.”

  • That’s when the woman removed her mask, walked over to the stroller holding Mora’s son, and unleashed exaggerated coughs in his direction multiple times.

  • According to the report, “Mora said other patrons at Yogurtland started yelling at the woman,” and shortly after, “video showed the woman walking purposefully out of the business, the unpaid-for yogurt still in hand.”

  • It has been more than a week since the incident, and Mora said so far no one in the family has developed symptoms suggested they contracted the virus.

The Post reported that it remains “unclear whether the woman will face charges, but other incidents of deliberate coughing during the pandemic have been met with serious consequences.”

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She should be sued for potential assault with a weapon that could spread a dangerous virus.

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