Wisconsin Teacher Placed On Leave After Ripping Out A Student's Braids

Rob Mueller-Owens.Screengrab/Minnesota Men's Conference/YouTube

Teacher and acting principal Rob Mueller-Owens was put on leave after allegedly ripping out a student's braids.

Channel 3000 reports that Wisconsin teacher has been put on leave after pushing and tearing out the braids of one of his students last Wednesday.

Mikiea Price, the mother of the student, says that her daughter has not been able to return to school, as she is completely traumatized.

“Just the whole experience is just traumatic and devastating and just confusing,” Price said. “I'm just disgusted at this whole incident. You know I send my kid to school to learn, and that's a place where mothers send their kids to be comfortable in. I just feel violated in so many ways that … this even happened to her.”

Last week, Price received a call from her daughter at school, who said that she had just been jumped by her teacher. When Price arrived at the school her daughter was crying and holding the braids that had been ripped from her head. Her daughter said that she and another classmate had sprayed too much perfume in class, so acting principal Rob Mueller-Owens was called to handle it.

What happened inside the classroom is not clear, but surveillance video from the hallway outside of the classroom caught the second half of the action. Price asked her pastor, Marcus Allen, to watch the video with her.

“A big tall man and an 11-year-old girl being pushed from one classroom to the other side of the hallway and then falling on top of her,” Allen said of the video. “It's a very disturbing sight to see.”

Mueller-Owens has been put on leave and will not return to Whitehorse Middle School.

"As a District we take any situation of this nature very seriously,” the district wrote in a statement. “All of our students need to be safe and supported in school, and we have a thorough investigation process and protocol that we follow."

Mueller-Owens was working at the school as a positive behavior support coach. He travelled to the White House alongside the superintendent to become an expert on restorative discipline practices.

“That's the devastating part about it,” Price said. “That's the disgusting part about it. To have that much education and that much training and that much knowledge, to be certified with kids and not follow protocol, I think that's the part that hurt me the most and disappointed me the most.”

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It's just so outrageous the these children's hair has become a new front in the race war. These kids deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.