‘Wired’ Publishes Article Calling Fox News “A Threat To National Security”

William James

Fox News continues to defend Donald Trump's truth rather than providing their viewers with hard truths, Graff writes.

National security expert and CNN contributor Garrett M. Graff published an article on Wired titled, “Fox News is Now a Threat to National Security”, stating that the lies they have perpetuated pose a dangerous threat to the United States.

The House Judiciary Committee’s announcement of impeachment charges against President Trump and the Justice Department’s inspector general report represented a two-pronged rebuttal on everything that Fox News has argued, according to Graff.

Yet, Fox News chose to describe a world in which the president’s enemies had created a web of lies around him rather than tell their viewers hard truths.

Sean Hannity had a simple message for his viewers during Fox’s Monday night prime time: “Everything we said, everything we reported, everything we told you was dead-on-center accurate. It is all there in black and white, it’s all there.”

Graff writes: “The threat posed to our democracy by Fox News is multifaceted: First and most simply, it’s clearly advancing and giving voice to narratives and smears backed and imagined by our foreign adversaries. Second, its overheated and bombastic rhetoric is undermining America’s foundational ideals and the sense of fair play in politics. Third, its unique combination of lies and half-truths has built a virtual reality so complete that it leaves its viewers too misinformed to fulfill their most basic responsibilities as citizens to make informed choices about the direction of the country.”

For years, Fox News has continued to protect the interests of President Trump without any regard to the damage they inflict on an increasingly misinformed public, denying the very existence of climate change and furthering conspiracy theories of a “deep state” set out to unseat a democratically-elected president.

Writer Gabe Sherman, who authored a history of Fox News, tweeted over the weekend, “Been thinking a lot about why Trump will survive impeachment when Nixon didn’t. For 20+ years Fox News (and rightwing talk radio) has told GOP voters that Democrats are evil. As lawless as Trump is, Republicans believe Dems are worse. That’s the power of propaganda.”

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