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Donald Barr, the father of current U.S. Attorney General William Barr, wrote a science fiction book that explored the themes of sexual slavery, and domination.

via the Heavy:

In his 1973 science fiction book ‘Space Relations: A slightly gothic interplanetary tale,’ Barr wrote about a future where after “…galaxies are colonized, John Craig, a young space diplomat, is captured by interplanetary pirates and sold into slavery.” The blub for the book reads, that on the planet Kossar, “boredom and absolute power have driven the rulers to a special kind of madness,” and Craig is captured and sold into slavery until he’s bought by “the exquisite lady Morgan Sydney, a beautiful, sensual woman. He soon makes his way from the hellish slavery into her bed in the tower of her castle.”

Christian, a verified purchaser of the book according to Amazon, said:

I have a copy of this book. It is a really badly written book whose only excuse seems to be to refer to human trafficking and sex slavery either as an appeal to prurient interests - in which case it fails, or to relate reminiscences in fiction, or possibly as a payoff, because the dialogue and connecting thoughts are lacking, as well as any real plot even after half the book is read.

The writer seems to like putting everything in terms of girls, and boys, and children, even when the scenes do not necessarily (but often do) involve kids. So while for instance the 14 year old girl getting raped in the first few chapters is really supposed to be 14, the hero of the book in danger of being sodomized - 'bend down kid and make it good' (sic) is not supposed to be a kid. It is that way throughout the book. They are either labeled like they are children (the queen was a 'child'), or actually boys or girls. So it pretty much starts with the word "naked" and goes down from there.

It is pretty shocking a headmaster of a school would write this junk. It's not the only low grade sf story out there with this non-writing in it - but they are always bad reads. exploitation novel at best, says something about the writer regardless.