Why the Republican Party is Covering for Trump

There is no end to the attacks by Republicans on the American people, to get what they want.

From watching the hearings on 7/12/18, seeing the Republicans going after FBI officer Strzok, who has served his country for several decades, with distinction, it was made clear that all of them are selling their souls to cover up the crimes and incompetence of Trump. They never asked one question about why Trump was being investigated and why the investigation was not acknowledged prior to the election.

The Republicans are now like an alcoholic family, more interested in protecting their image than dealing with the real problem. In this case, the Republicans are trying to ruin reputations and destroy our highest level of law enforcement, rather than to allow the truth to come out about their corrupt president and perhaps their own collusion.

Today, the Republicans demonstrated the most shameful behavior imaginable, perhaps reaching a new low. While they are wasting time and our tax money on their real witch hunt, they are ignoring so many other real and tragic problems.

Our only hope is to elect all Democrats in the next election and my hope is that people come to their senses and do so.

(Heckler in the Real Grassroots (UNPAID) Crowd)