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According to the Washington Post, the Chinese government has recently granted the Trump Organization a trademark for an international business called “Trump Escorts.” The company, which can be found at, services several countries.

The day that Trump announced his bid for presidency, Trump Escorts sent out a news release to promote its website. This convenient timing is an indication that the company only wanted to capitalize on the Trump name, and isn’t actually affiliated with President Trump. The company was in fact using the Trump name as its brand without the consent of the Trump Organization.

The Post reported that the company also "used the Trump lettermark for its logo and listed its address as 180 Riverside in New York City, the location of a building called Trump Place."

Chief legal officer for the Trump Organization Alan Garten said that the Trump Organization has sent a cease-and-desist to Trump Escorts, which would force the company to change its name to “Mystique Companions.”

“[W]e zealously protect Mr. Trump’s valuable name, brand and trademarks,” Garten said. “Unfortunately, as the brand has grown in popularity around the world, there are more and more people who have tried to trade off his name.”

Proactive measures are often necessary in China, the Post said, as trademarks there are granted on a first come, first served basis. The Washington Post’s China bureau chief, Simon Denyer, noted in 2017:

“Chinese trademark law grants priority to whoever files an application first, so lawyers often advise clients with wide-ranging business interests to file broad, defensive trademark applications against a range of products to prevent other people jumping in — a practice known as ‘trademark squatting,’ common in China.”

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