Why Aren’t More Pro-Lifers Protesting Against Trump’s Family Separation Policy?

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Conservative "pro-life, pro-family" groups have remained mostly silent as the Trump administration breaks up families.

Charles C. Camosy, a board member of Democrats for Life, wondered aloud in The New York Times opinion section Sunday where the conservative “pro-life, pro-family” organizations are as the Trump administration continues ripping children from their families at the U.S. southern border.

By definition, Camosy says, these groups should be front and center, loudly opposing the practice of separating families – but they remain silent.

The result? Organizations such as National Right to Life and the Susan B. Anthony List will be linked to an inhumane policy perpetrated by an administration with which these groups hold extraordinary sway.

The number of children being taken is so large that the administration, using the fear these children must feel as a means of deterring undocumented immigration, is apparently building “tent cities”around military bases to house them.

Given their support of the administration, and an unwillingness to speak critically about immigration policy, “pro-life, pro-family” organizations now risk being tied to these and other horrific practices.

What do such organizations hope to gain by sacrificing their credibility as pro-life and pro-family groups?

It is true that the president’s nominee for the Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch, seems likely to be anti-abortion, as do several federal judges who have been confirmed under Mr. Trump. His appointments and policies with respect to the Department of Health and Human Services have been similarly anti-abortion.

But this is nothing like a turning point for the movement. People opposed to abortion got some short-term gains, all of which could be easily reversed by the next administration, and some judges about whom they must wait and see.

In the end they will have lost far more than they have gained, Camosy argues.

In standing by President Trump and his administration — and, indeed, in now honoring him as their standard-bearer — traditional pro-life leaders have put short-term and uncertain political gain ahead of consistent moral principle.

Because of their support of the president and general silence on his administration’s actions, the major players in the pro-life movement are now tethered to his horrific border policies.

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