White Woman Charged With Child Abuse After Attacking Black Teen Jogger

Screengrab / @svqjournalist / Twitter

Artivia Tahir

A white woman attacks a Black teenage jogger unprovoked

A white woman has been caught on camera attacking a Black teenager who was jogging in San Francisco, according to NBC Bay Area.

  • 17-year old Steve Johnson Jr. told NBC Bay Area:

“There’s this lady coming behind me, she’s getting like really loud and yelling belligerent things at me, telling me to get out of the way.”

  • In the video, the woman is seen hitting the teenager with her bag, yelling at him to stop recording her and threatening to call the police.

“I will smack your … head for taking a photograph of me,” said the woman in the video.

  • She has since been cited by the police for misdeamenor child abuse.

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Stupid g damn Karens! GTF out of our country!


Stupid Karens! GTF out of here!


You acted rather than reacted. Commendable. Not all Caucasians feel like her, she is a pos. Hope her karma comes back on her. These pos are emboldened by Trump and he needs to GO.


now if only something would happen to the cop abusing the 14 year old black girl and shoving her face into the grass

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