White Woman Calls Cops On Black Man For Sitting In His Car In Front Of His House

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Julie Zheng

A white woman called the police on a black man who did nothing strange outside his own house.

A woman called the cops on a black man for sitting in his car in front of his own house, according to RawStory.

  • In video of the incident, the woman can be heard saying that “she’s taking down his license plate and she’s already called police.”
  • When the man explained that he’s at his own house, the woman said, “Why don’t you come into your f*cking house?”
  • He replies, “No problem,” and proceeds to walk into his house.
  • “Didn’t think this would happen to me,” the man said in the video. “Another white lady pulling some more bull crap.”


Read the full story here.

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Another "Karen" on the loose...

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