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According to the South Florida Sun Sentinel, a white supremacist group has set up shop just a few miles from former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida.

The Sovereign American Project, based in West Palm Beach, began recruiting in August. It envisions an America separated, as in the days of segregation. The group, which was flagged to the FBI in recent days, demands “the end of forced integration” between races, according to their website.

Its goals, according to materials on its website: dismantling affirmative action programs and other policies “that are detrimental to Whites”; undoing “the fallacy of feminism” and gay rights movements; and reversing multiculturalism, which the group’s website calls “a pressure cooker” ... “not a melting pot.”

Hate group monitors and experts said the group stands out because of its international network, with allies in the Ukraine and Portugal; an online sophistication in covering its tracks; and its brazen incorporation as a “social welfare” nonprofit with an address on Clematis Street, the main street of West Palm Beach.

In an email exchange with the South Florida Sun Sentinel, Sovereign American Project President Matt Lawlor said the group is not white supremacist. Lawlor said it “advocates for a peaceful separation of the left and the right in America. We do not call for violence or illegal activity of any kind.”

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