White Man Calls 911 On Black Men At Connecticut Marina, Calls Himself ‘God’

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Artivia Tahir

A white man in Connecticut called the police on a group of black men, telling 911 that "white Lives matter, too."

A white man in Connecticut called the police on a group of black men at the Cove Island Marina in Stamford on Saturday, calling himself “God” and saying that “white lives matter too,” according to the New York Daily News.

  • In a video recorded of the incident, the white man, who is not being identified by the authorities at this time, is heard telling the police over the phone: “I’m being harassed by a bunch of Black men here.”
  • The man complained on the phone that the men were trying to illegally put a boat in the water.

The five men, one of whom is a police officer, said they were only gathering at the marina but planned to head to a beach, Crosland said. They were getting together to celebrate the birthdays of two of the men.

  • The video prompted an investigation as the group of men claimed that the man had pepper-sprayed at least one of them.
  • Lt. Tom Scanlon, head of the Bureau of Criminal Investigations with the Stamford Police Department, gave a statement:

“This incident is currently an active investigation. Numerous individuals were involved and or witnessed circumstances leading up to the confrontation that had occurred. The Department is in the process of interviewing and obtaining formal statements from all involved individuals and sourcing a complete video as evidence.”

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