White House Moves To Block Publication Of John Bolton’s Book

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The White House claims that John Bolton's book contains “significant amounts of classified information."

The White House is trying to block the publication of former National Security Adviser John Bolton’s book on the grounds that it contains “significant amounts of classified information,” according to The Hill.

In a letter sent to Bolton and obtained by The Hill, Ellen J. Knight, Senior Director for Records, Access, and Information Security Management, wrote: "Under federal law and the nondisclosure agreements your client signed as a condition for gaining access to classified information, the manuscript may not be published or otherwise disclosed without the deletion of this classified information.”

The letter, delivered to Bolton’s attorney, was dated January 23.

Knight said a preliminary assessment found that some of the information contained in the book reaches the threshold of “top secret,” adding that the National Security Council's records division is still in the process of reviewing the manuscript and will offer additional guidance when it is finished.

"We will do our best to work with you to ensure your client's ability to tell his story in a manner that protects U.S. national security," the letter stated.

The move follows last week’s explosive revelation, reported by The New York Times, that Bolton’s book claims President Donald Trump told him the hold on Ukraine’s military aid would be released if Ukraine announced investigations into Joe Biden and his son — directly contradicting Trump’s public statements on the matter.

The report led to fervent calls by Democrats for Bolton to testify at Trump’s impeachment trial — a move Republicans are working hard to block.

Bolton has said publicly that he has information relevant to the impeachment trial and would comply with a Senate subpoena for his testimony.

Trump’s attacks on his former national security adviser have grown more intense, The Hill noted, with a Wednesday tweet saying he gave Bolton the job against the advice of his White House advisers.

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