White House 4th of July Party to Observe Social Distancing


The Fourth of July Party held at the White House will observe social distancing guidelines.

The White House will be observing social distancing rules for the upcoming July Fourth Party. This is large change from the political rallies Donald Trump has hosted as well as from the upcoming July 3rd trip to Mount Rushmore. After Trump's political rally in Tulsa all of his campaign staff who attended had to quarantine.

"A separate White House official told CNN each attendee will be handed a packet upon entry containing a mask, hand wipes and sanitizer. White House staff waiting on guests will be using multiple disposable masks and gloves, to be constantly tossed out and reapplied throughout the duration", CNN reports.

The day will also include a military flyover and fireworks on the National Mall as part of the festivities. This is the first large-scale social event that the White House has hosted since the beginning of the pandemic.

"Meanwhile, the country's number of infected individuals has spiked in several states where reopening was perhaps premature. It comes after the President has hyped reviving the economy over safety precautions such as mask-wearing, and downplayed concerns about the tens of thousands dead and record new cases."


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