White Evangelical Support Of Trump Surges To Record High

Screengrab/CBN News/YouTube

A recent PRRI poll revealed that white evangelicals approve of the scandal-plagued president in record high numbers.

Recent polling by the Public Religion Research Institute reveals that despite being plagued with scandals, President Donald Trump’s support from the white evangelical community continues unabated and has now reached a record high.

A full 75 percent of white evangelical respondents approve of the president, while only 22 percent disapprove.

That marks a significant gap of more than 30 percentage points more than Trump’s favorability among the general population, which the survey found was at 42 percent.

The president’s favorability with white evangelicals in the poll has steadily risen over time, with his previous high being at 74 percent in February 2017.

And according to PRRI, white evangelical support for Trump has never dipped below 65 percent since he took office.

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