White Couple Vandalized Black Lives Matter Mural In California On July 4

Screengrab / Kerry Leidich / YouTube

Sarah Shaiman

The couple can be heard shouting at onlookers and calling the Black Lives Matter movement a "leftist lie."

A video has surfaced of a white couple painting over a “Black Lives Matter” mural in Martinez, a town in the San Francisco Bay area, according to a USA Today report

  • The Martinez Police Department is now looking for the California couple after the vandalization took place. The original artists of the mural had permission from the city to create it. 
  • The woman in the video can be seen painting over the yellow words in black. Ironically, this failed to actually remove the mural because the words could still be seen in black paint. 
  • The couple had left the scene by the time the police arrived. However, witnesses described the car as a Nissan pickup truck with the name “NICOLE” on the tailgate in silver lettering. 
  • The woman swore at onlookers in the video while saying, “This is not happening in my town.” The man behind the camera, who was sporting a red "Trump Four More Years" shirt, called the Black Lives Matter movement a “leftist lie.” He added that onlookers should learn about history. 
  • George Floyd’s family attorney Ben Crump tweeted the video on his account with the caption, “We will repaint that mural and you will not silence our collective voice for justice.”
  • This mural is just one of many Black Lives Matter murals that has been painted in the wake of Mr. Floyd’s murder last June. Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) proposed a similar mural to be painted outside of the Trump Tower in New York City. The president called Black Lives Matter a “symbol of hate.”



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