Whistleblowers: Trump Pick For VA Secretary ‘Excessively’ Drank On The Job

Screengrab/Washington Post/YouTube

White House physician Ronny Jackson also stands accused of creating a "toxic" work environment.

Another of President Donald Trump’s nominees is potentially facing a difficult confirmation process after whistleblowers approached Senate Veterans Affairs Committee members with concerns about Ronny Jackson.

Included in those concerns are excessive drinking and creating a “toxic” work environment.

Both sources who spoke with CNN told the committee about behavior they observed while working in the White House medical unit.

Lawmakers who spoke with CNN expressed worries that this could represent a pattern of behavior and not a collection of isolated incidents.

In addition, committee staff have been in contact with individuals associated with additional allegations regarding the handling of prescriptions by the White House Medical Unit and a workplace survey that was done because of issues in the unit under Jackson, according to congressional sources. The accounts come from former and at least one current associate of Jackson, according to the sources.

Jackson was already facing a tough confirmation process, as several senators of both parties questioned his ability to run such a massive department with so little experience.

Though the accusations against Jackson have not been confirmed, his Wednesday hearing has been postponed as lawmakers reevaluate the situation.