Whistleblower Calls Doctor Behind ICE Sterilizations “The Uterus Collector"

"Women detained at Irwin County ICE Processing Center in Ocilla, Georgia, risk retaliation from guards to plea for their release from detention as cases of COVID19 have been confirmed at the jail." (Rachel Taber)Screengrab / Rachel Taber / YouTube


According to the whistleblower, some of the detained women didn't know why their uteruses had been removed.

Vice News followed up on Law & Crime’s report on the whistleblower complaint alleging that detained women at the Irwin County Detention Center in Ocilla, Georgia, were being sterilized while in the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Dawn Wooten, the whistleblower behind the complaint, details a litany of shocking claims that, if true, could be one of the gravest crimes of the Trump administration.

One detainee alleged, “When I met all these women who had had surgeries, I thought this was like an experimental concentration camp.”

The woman continued, “It was like they’re [ICE] experimenting with their bodies.”

In the complaint, Wooten calls the doctor behind the hysterectomies “the uterus collector.”

“We’ve questioned among ourselves, like, goodness, he’s taking everybody’s stuff out,” said Wooten, who was a full-time employee at Irwin until July. “That’s his specialty, he’s the uterus collector. I know that’s ugly.”

Wooten also said she had spoken to sterilized detainees who had their uteruses removed but didn’t know why.

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