When Obama Was President, Trump Said Saudi Arabia Should Fight Its Own Wars


"Saudi Arabia should fight their own wars...or pay us an absolute fortune to protect them and their great great wealth."

President Donald Trump said on Sunday that the United States is “locked and loaded,” ready to strike Iran should Saudi Arabia determine that Tehran was behind the recent attack on its oil fields.

What a difference five years — and the power of the presidency — can make in Trump’s tweets.

HuffPost noted that Trump is singing a vastly different tune from the Oval Office than the one he crowed during President Barack Obama’s tenure, like in 2014 when he said Saudi Arabia should “fight their own wars” — or “pay us an absolute fortune to protect them.”

Or in 2012, when he mocked Obama for bowing during a meeting with the Saudi king, tweeting, “Do we still want a President who bows to the Saudis and lets OPEC rip us off? Make America strong, vote for @MittRomney.

The following year, Trump suggested that Saudi Arabia was happy taking advantage of the U.S., saying the Kingdom has America “do their heavy lifting.”

Now, Trump is eagerly waiting to “hear from the Kingdom” who it believes is responsible for the attack on its oil facilities — which knocked out 50 percent of its oil production — so the U.S. can retaliate on its behalf.

As several lawmakers pointed out to the president, it is up to neither him nor the Saudi royal family to employ America’s military might in a new Middle Eastern war.

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