WH: Trump May Deliver ‘State Of The Union’ Speech At A MAGA Rally

Screengrab / CNN / Youtube

The president might deliver his State of the Union address at a rally-style event if the shutdown persists.

President Donald Trump reportedly has prepared two separate State of the Union speeches, according to ABC News: one to be delivered in the House of Representatives or elsewhere in Washington, and another outside the D.C. area at a rally-style event.

The venue could depend on whether the government is still shut down at the time of the address.

Sources told ABC News that the president was previously planning two separate versions of the State of the Union – one version if the government was still shut down and another if the government was open.

However, now the planning has evolved, assuming the government shutdown could drag on past next Tuesday – the expected delivery date of the address. If the president decides to deliver a speech in rally form, it would mark the first rally style event the president has attended since the partial shutdown began.

The fate of the address remains unclear after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi suggested postponing the speech until the federal government is reopened — a move that sparked a tit-for-tat response from the president.

Trump canceled military transportation for Pelosi’s scheduled diplomatic trip abroad last week and then outed her alternative commercial flight plans.

Republicans have encouraged the White House to continue plans for an address at the House chamber, despite Pelosi’s letter, ABC News reported.

A senior administration official confirmed to ABC News that the White House has sent an email to the House Sergeant at Arms requesting a walkthrough of the chamber to prep for the State of the Union address. The White House is still moving forward as planned on the address as they wait to hear whether Pelosi is officially rescinding her invitation.

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