WH Seems To Think 750 Daily COVID Deaths Is Testament To Its Successful Response

Artivia Tahir

Trump's dismissive attitude towards the pandemic is concerning health experts

President Trump’s dismissive attitude towards the coronavirus pandemic and claims that it is “dying out” are feared to contribute to the prolonging of the crisis, according to Stat.

  • The publication characterized the White House’s new position on the public health crisis as such: “a daily count of 750 deaths is a testament to the federal government’s successful pandemic response.”
  • In various interviews, Trump has expressed his opinion that the pandemic has become drawn out, saying that coronavirus testing was “overrated” and suggesting that people who are wearing masks are doing so to display their anti-Trump sentiments.
  • Public health experts are growing concerned that this messaging will have detrimental implications, such as making it more difficult for local governments to enlist the public in mitigation efforts to prevent further spread.
  • Monica Schoch-Spana, a medical anthropologist at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, spoke out about the mixed messages:

“The science behind how people process public warnings in a crisis supports this: You have to have people speaking with one voice. You need a chorus.”

The Trump Administration has underplayed the seriousness of the pandemic from the beginning, and has stepped up that messaging in recent weeks in an attempt to declare the crisis essentially over.

  • Trump’s refusal to participate in many of the guidelines set by public health experts only serves to contribute to the generally casual way many are regarding the pandemic.
  • The dismissive tone that Trump regards the health risks of Covid-19 are counterproductive according to Schoch-Spana:

“It’s not just words, it’s actions. So when you have the nation’s top executive refusing to wear a mask, holding meetings where people are shoulder to shoulder, where he’s signing executive orders — that is also a form of communication.”

  • Rep. Donna Shalala (D-Fla.) also spoke out about Trump’s handling of the pandemic, saying:

“The president of the United States is dangerous to the health of the people of my district, because he’s giving out misinformation and false hope. For those that believe him, they’re putting themselves and their families at risk.”

The messaging Trump is sending is especially dangerous now as many states throughout the country are experiencing a second wave of cases, with several setting records for hospitalizations and new cases.

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