WH Press Secretary: It's 'Dangerous For The Country' To Question My Honesty


White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham doesn't want anyone questioning the veracity of her statements.

White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham argued on Saturday that it is “wholly irresponsible and dangerous for the country” that people are questioning her official statement on President Donald Trump’s spontaneous weekend trip to Walter Reed Hospital.

RawStory noted that Grisham’s explanation for the visit — that Trump was merely at the medical facility for a “routine checkup” — did not sit well with many observers.

Speculation abounded after news of Trump’s visit to the hospital, which appeared spontaneous and reportedly did not appear on his public or internal schedules for Saturday.

The president himself claimed he was at the hospital for “phase one” of his annual physical, which is not due until next year, but disbelief abounded on social media:

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What's dangerious Einstein is lying to the voter's about a serious medical condition that may have impaired this resident of the Oval even more then it was. The WH is equipped for most major events so this was not "small or routine" We will assume it was the Massive Heart attack he said "was reported abd he blabbed about" or a brain aneurysm untiil you come clean.

We are watching him carefully and he is slipping more each day!

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