WH: Ivanka And Jared Are ‘Sacrificing’ Their Personal Lives For U.S.

U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv/Flickr/modified

A Trump press aide said the way Steve Bannon attacked the couple was 'repugnant', especially due to their 'sacrifice'.

Trump press aide Hogan Gidley said in comments to the press pool aboard Air Force One Tuesday that the president's daughter and son-in-law are 'sacrificing' for America while discussing the chances of Steve Bannon entering back into Donald Trump's good graces.

“When you go after somebody’s family in the matter which he did, two of the president’s children are serving this nation, sacrificing in their service, it is repugnant, it is grotesque and I challenge anybody to go and talk about somebody’s family and see if that person doesn’t come back and comes back hard.”