WH Insider: Trump Says U.S. Is ‘Getting R*ped’ By NATO, Pushing For Exit

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President Trump has consistently railed against U.S. membership in NATO, citing other nations' failure to pay more.

President Donald Trump has said the United States is “getting raped” by its allies in the Northern Alliance Treaty Organization and has pushed for the U.S. to exit the accord, says an anonymous White House official in the new book, A Warning.

Newsweek reported that the unnamed author — who also penned a New York Times op-ed anonymously last year — claims Trump "has repeatedly astounded advisors" by stating his desire to leave NATO. "This would be a huge gift to the Russians, who have long opposed the twenty-nine nation group," the White House insider writes.

Trump has made his disdain for the alliance no secret, publicly railing against Article 5, which requires participating nations to defend any member state that is attacked.

Newsweek noted that the provision has only been used one time in NATO’s 70-year history — by the U.S. after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

But Trump has voiced irritation with the fact that the U.S. contributes more to the organization than other nations, and the anonymous author said this is his primary sticking point: "The president tells us we are 'getting raped' because other countries are spending far less to be a part of it, adding that the organization is 'obsolete.’”

The president has threatened to withdraw the U.S. from NATO in the past while demanding other countries boost the money they spend on defense.

The anonymous author explained in the book that the U.S. is "the most powerful nation on Earth, and the investments we make in the NATO alliance allow us to project our influence globally to stop danger before it comes our way."

"Leaving the alliance would not only be foolish but suicidal—an advertisement to foreign enemies that it's open season against Western countries, left to fend for themselves," the official continued.

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