WH Gift Shop Introduces New Commemorative Coin To Honor Trump’s Talks With NK

Courtesy of The White House Gift Shop

The White House gift shop has introduced a new coin in honor of Trump's second summit with North Korea's Kim Jong Un.

In honor of President Donald Trump’s second summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, the White House gift shop has introduced a new commemorative coin, according to NBC News.

The gift shop, which NBC noted is not actually run by the White House and is a private entity, is offering a limited batch of 1,000 coins that will sell for $100 a piece.

Featured prominently on the coins are the phrases "New Avenue Towards Peace" and "A Turning Point — Working Towards Complete Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula,” as well the name of South Korean President Moon Jae-In — though he has not been listed as an attendee of the summit, NBC said.

Ahead of the second meeting between the two leaders, the White House offered little in the way of Trump’s objectives for the summit or how he has prepared.

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway told CBS News last week that the administration is trying to “get on our way to denuclearization” and “end the war of nearly seven decades in Korea.”

Top U.S. Pentagon officials have cast doubt on Trump’s assertion following his first meeting with Kim that North Korea no longer poses a nuclear threat, saying the country has provided no evidence it is dismantling its nuclear program and remains an “extraordinary threat.”

Nevertheless, Trump maintains that Kim has embraced the notion of denuclearization as a path toward economic prosperity for North Korea.

The president is scheduled to meet with Kim on Wednesday and Thursday in Vietnam.

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