WH Evangelical Advisers Are Fighting Over Money Raised For Holocaust Survivors

Screengrab / Mike Evans / YouTube ; Screengrab / Jentezen Franklin / YouTube


Mike Evans and Jentezen Franklin are involved in a nasty legal battle over millions raised for Holocaust survivors.

Two of President Donald Trump’s evangelical advisers are engaged in a nasty legal battle over an alleged Holocaust survivor scam involving millions of dollars, according to The Washington Post.

Mike Evans, a Texas author and Christian Zionist activist, this summer filed a federal lawsuit against Jentezen Franklin, a Georgia megachurch pastor who has been featured at Trump campaign events.

  • In 2017, the two evangelical leaders began a fundraising effort that raised millions to benefit Holocaust survivors in Israel, but Evans alleges that Franklin withheld more than $3.3 million of the money he raised.
  • In 2019, Evans learned that Franklin had raised far more money than he realized when Franklin asked for big donors’ names to be put on a “donor wall” at Evans’ museum in Jerusalem.
  • “Attached to the email were Excel spreadsheets listing 4,216 donors who gave $1,000 and 33 who gave $10,000, for a total of more than $4.5 million," The Post wrote.
  • Franklin had only turned over $1.2 million, according to Evans.
  • Franklin said he had initially agreed to give Evans $1 million and ended up giving more, but Evans says all of the money raised was meant to go to the cause.
  • Evans has accused Franklin of fraud and conspiracy, as well as “trading on Evans’ personal reputation and credibility in Israel” to meet influential Israelis.

In a September motion to dismiss Evans’s suit, Franklin argued that whatever agreement the two men had was not an enforceable contract and that Evans would have no standing to sue anyway because any money was meant for Holocaust survivors and not Evans.

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