WH Economic Adviser: Americans Will “Just Have to Live With” Coronavirus Surge

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"We're going to have hotspots... We just have to live with that."

White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said Thursday that Americans “just have to live with” the fact that there will be coronavirus hotspots popping up around the country, according to Slate.

  • Speaking to reporters, Kudlow said the Trump administration still does not believe there is a second wave of infections on the horizon, pointing to the fact there there are several states where infection rates are on the decline.
  • He later added, “We’re going to have hotspots, no question,” making note of Texas and other areas in the south.
  • “We just have to live with that,” he concluded.

Earlier in the week, Kudlow told CNBC that a second wave is not coming but that hotspots would continue to be an issue.

“There is no second wave coming. It’s just hot spots. They send in CDC teams, we’ve got the testing procedures, we’ve got the diagnostics, we’ve got the PPE. And so I really think it’s a pretty good situation,” said Kudlow, director of the National Economic Council and chief economic advisor to President Donald Trump.

Slate noted that coronavirus case are up in several states:

The three most populous states in the U.S. recorded their highest daily totals of new coronavirus cases on Wednesday. California announced more than 7,000, while Florida and Texas announced about 5,500 each.

The “positivity rate” of tests in those states is increasing, which means the rise in cases discovered is not explained by increased test availability; in Florida and Texas, positivity rates have roughly doubled in the past week and tripled in the past month.

Despite these developments, Kudlow also said on Thursday that the Trump administration does not believe a second wave has arrived and will not consider encouraging another nationwide shutdown.


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