WH Considers Arguing That Delay Of Senate Trial Means Trump Was Not Impeached

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The White House might try to argue that Trump hasn't been impeached because the articles weren't sent to the Senate.

The White House reportedly is considering making the argument that because House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has not sent articles of impeachment to the Senate, President Donald Trump has not actually been impeached, according to The Hill.

Pelosi has not let on when she will deliver the articles, hinting that she might hold onto them until she is convinced that the Senate will give them a fair hearing; however, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has openly said he is coordinating with the White House on impeachment and does not intend to be impartial.

An individual familiar with the White House theory told Bloomberg News that it centers on the Senate: if Trump had been impeached, then the Senate would already have jurisdiction. It relies on the portion of the Constitution that says the Senate has “the sole Power to try all Impeachments.”

The White House reportedly intends to use Pelosi’s inaction to argue that Democrats do not believe in their own impeachment case, otherwise it would head straight to the Senate for trial. Sources told CBS News that the White House views the delay as a “Christmas gift.”

Trump himself criticized Pelosi on Twitter for failing to move forward with the trial, writing, "The Do Nothing Party want to Do Nothing with the Articles & not deliver them to the Senate, but it’s Senate’s call!"

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Try as he might and say what he wants.... The HOUSE decides if a president is impeached or not. NOT the Senate and definitely not the president. Nice try though you orange buffoon!

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