WH Adviser Fired And Escorted From Office For Being Too Sympathetic To Refugees

Screengrab/ABC News/YouTube

Jennifer Arangio reportedly clashed with Stephen Miller over human rights and refugee matters.

A senior White House aide who had clashed with Stephen Miller and other immigration hardliners in the Trump administration on the issue of refugees was fired and escorted from her office Thursday, according to Foreign Policy.

Jennifer Arangio had been with President Donald Trump since the campaign and landed the position of senior director for international organizations and alliances at the National Security Council once Trump took office.

Arangio and Miller reportedly disagreed over the number of refugees the United States should grant entrance into the country.

She had also sparred with Miller over continuing U.S. participation in international negotiations on a global migration compact, insisting that the United States could better shape international policies on migration from inside the tent.

She lost the argument, but Miller remained embittered by the rift, the officials said. When Arangio sought his endorsement for a position in the State Department, he refused to take a meeting with her.

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