Wealthy New Yorker Shows No Empathy For Woman Stuck In Elevator For 3-Days

“[W]hat she went through isn’t anywhere close to the limits of human endurance," a rich New Yorker said of the incident.

Last weekend, a 53-year-old housekeeper was trapped in her billionaire employer’s elevator for three days. She was rescued on Monday morning and is now in stable condition, according to Mashable.

Another tenant of the expensive New York apartment building was unimpressed by the woman’s endurance.

On the cable news station NY1, the man remarked, “Humans can last well over 72 hours … without water. So what she went through isn’t anywhere close to the limits of human endurance. It’s just beyond what we’re used to because we’ve become so civilized we’ve lost touch with our true strength.”

After a clip of the interview was tweeted, people reacted with similar astonishment to the neighbor’s observations. People took to social media to publicly make-fun of his callousness.

Kristen Shaughnessy, the man’s interviewer from NY1, defended him on Twitter, saying "To be fair, Ian [the man] is from Newport, RI and was in the Navy for 10 years," she wrote. "...His point was that people find incredible strength when driven to their limits. He did acknowledge it was an extremely traumatic event and he hoped she would be okay. He was just coming at it from his years of service rather than how most people reacted."

It is possible to survive for up to a week without water under perfect conditions, according to biology professor Randall Packer. Regardless, being stuck in an elevator for three days is terrible- something that even rich people should be able to recognize.