Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) reported in April that during the last fiscal year, “the Trump family took more trips that required Secret Service protection than the Obama family took in seven, according to a budget document released by the Treasury Department.”

  • President Obama’s family averaged 133.3 protected trips per year, the report noted, while President Trump’s family has taken an average of 1,625 annually.
  • “Much of the Trump family’s known travel has been to promote Trump Organization businesses, which President Trump still owns and profits from,” CREW wrote.
  • Noting that Trump and his family deserve the protection provided by the Secret Service, the government watchdog suggested that “the President’s private business should reimburse taxpayers for money spent at Trump’s businesses or in support of them.”

While previous presidents have separated themselves from their assets and placed them in a blind trust, President Trump appointed his two adult sons to manage the international businesses that continue to make hundreds of millions of dollars a year on his behalf. The Trump family’s extremely high number of protected trips can be partially explained by the fact that Eric and Don Jr. have traveled the world promoting Trump-branded businesses throughout the Trump presidency.

This explanation does less to settle concerns than to highlight the extent to which the American people are subsidizing the Trump family business. Despite running up a high tab, the Trump Organization has not paid the American people back for the security taxpayers have subsidized when Trump family members travel to support a business that regularly cashes in on the presidency.

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