WATCH: While Lying, Trump Tells Press In Davos He Isn’t A Liar

Screengrab / MSNBC / Youtube


President Trump said "there's no lying" with him, during a press conference in which he told at least 14 lies.

In this clip, President Donald Trump tells the international press that with him, “there’s no lying”. In the same press conference, Trump lied at least 14-times, according to CNN.

The press conference took place at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where the president addressed his impeachment.

When former President Bill Clinton was impeached, Trump did not support the move, he said — even though Clinton was guilty of lying. With him, however, “there’s no lying,” Trump added.

But CNN noted that Trump “made at least 14 false claims related to these subjects at the Davos press conference and in interviews that aired Wednesday on CNBC and Fox Business -- plus a bunch of false claims on unrelated subjects, which we'll leave out of this particular article.”

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