WATCH: WH Trade Adviser Tries To Blame Obama For Trump’s Lack Of Preparation


The Trump administration ran a pandemic drill last year and found out for itself that it was ill-prepared for a crisis.

White House trade adviser Peter Navarro appeared on CNN to discuss the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus crisis, in particular, answering questions about the country’s need for vast amounts of ventilators and other medical supplies.

But after host Brianna Keilar mentioned the administration’s lack of preparedness for the outbreak, even after a drill just last year revealed how unprepared the federal government was to address a pandemic, Navarro insisted on blaming Trump’s predecessor.

“Let me bring you up on the history here of what we inherited,” Navarro said. “In [2009] when the Obama administration had the H1N1 flu crisis, that should have been a wake-up call.”

Keilar interjected to ask, "Peter why are you wasting your time on this and not solving the problem? Peter why are you even talking about this?"



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