WATCH: Video Suggests That Trump Admin Has Destroyed Mail Sorting Machines

Screengrab / @_HeatherWalker / Twitter


“They’re just large pieces of machinery that have been yanked out. You can see some of the cords...they were just cut.”

Local news reporter Heather Walker of WOOD TV8 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, reported on Wednesday that the U.S. Postal Service has dismantled mail sorting machines in its parking lot and has been tossing them in the dumpster for at least the past week.

  • Walker posted a video to Twitter showing the equipment at a USPS facility in Grand Rapids, where the machines could be seen in what she described as a “graveyard of mail sorting pieces.”
  • “They’re just large pieces of machinery that have been yanked out,” Walker reported. “You can see some of the cords are just — they were just cut.”
  • Walker continued: “In addition to that, there is also a dumpster right there, and according to an employee that works across the way, they tell me that that dumpster has been filled three times since last week with parts and pieces of what we’re being told are the mail sorting machines.”

Watch the report:

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